Our first selection of beers in a can, The Session Series is a lineup of easy drinking beers that are flavorful and perfect for a getaway.


The first edition of our Session Series, Baby Daddy IPA is sunny straw in color and loaded with hops. The aroma and flavor yield citrus and tropical notes: grapefruit, melon, lime, passion fruit, and a touch of spice will delight your palate. Baby Daddy IPA has a full balanced body, with a crisp finish and low bitterness. It’s an ideal choice for long afternoons with friends.


For the carnivore: From a juicy burger to a fine steak, Baby Daddy will clean and refresh your palate, so each morsel can be savored just like your first bite. 

Cheese Pairing: Choose a mild blue like Gorgonzola. Enjoy it solo or crumbled over a citrusy salad.

Some like it hot: Go for some curry. Spices like tamarind, coriander, and cardamom play well with hops, which also cut through creamy yogurt or butter-based sauces.


Style – Session IPA

ABV – 4.7% ABV

IBU – 35 IBU

Malt –  Two Row, Dextrin, Caramel, Munich

Hops – Citra, Chinook, Centennial, Cascade

Availability – Year-round

Formats – Draft, 12oz. can 

Suds is a brass colored, light-bodied, malt forward session ale, that’s packed with flavor. Brewed with Two-row, Maris Otter, Carafa, and Carahell malt, a whiff or sip of Suds conjures baked biscuits, caramel, and fresh bread. The hops play second fiddle. Columbus hops were utilized to achieve a mild bitterness, while Cascade and Merkur add a subtle touch of citrus. Bust some Suds out during long lazy days by the river, beach, pool, or anywhere else you need refreshment.


Style – Session Ale

ABV – 4.7% ABV

IBU – 35 IBU

Malt –  Two Row, Maris Otter, Carafa, Carahell

Hops – Columbus, Merkur, Cascade

Availability – Year-round

Formats – Draft, 12oz. can 



For the carnivore: Suds is a versatile beer. Serve it with roasted chicken, pork, fish and chips, or a lean steak.  You really can’t go wrong pairing it with animal protein.
Cheese: Try a range of English cheeses, from soft to hard. Goat cheese, mild cheddar, and more robust options like
Stilton or Cheshire Blue, will be delightful with Suds.

Dessert: A wide range of desserts are suitable with Suds, from Maple Bread Pudding to Pumpkin Pie.    

Pop Gun is a delightful little Pilsner. Brewed using the finest German Pilsner malt, Pop Gun delivers a clean full body with hints of honey and malty sweetness. German Magnum, Hallertau, and Saphir hops balance the malt with a crisp bitter finish and infuse the aroma with tangerine, spice, and floral notes. This sharp refreshing beer wakes up the senses and emboldens the spirit. Enjoy Pop Gun on a warm summer day relaxing in the yard, or on a hike in the woods. Prost!


For the Carnivore: The versatility of Pilsner makes it a delicious pairing with all sorts of meaty goodness, including salty ham, spicy wings, bratwurst, or even sushi. Carbonation scrubs the palate, while hop bitterness accentuates spice and the umami of soy sauce and raw fish.

Cheese: Mild cheddar and delicate fresh and younger bloomy-rind cheese.

Time for Dessert: Lighter , such as fresh berries and lemon shortbread cookies

Style – German Pilsner

ABV – 4.7% ABV

IBU – 32 IBU

Malt –  German Pilsner

Hops – German Magnum, Hallertau, Saphir

Availability – Year-round

Formats – Draft, 12oz. can