Savor the Perfect Crime: Discreet Wheat Ale


We're looking forward to the New Year. Our first new release of 2016 will be Discreet Wheat Ale, a brand new beer that will arrive during SF Beer Week. Discreet Wheat Ale joins a cast of suspicious characters that have conspired to resurrect the Perfect Crime Series, featuring ingenious, small batch, and experimental beers that have been carefully executed by Speakeasy brewers.    

Discreet Wheat Ale may appear reserved, but don’t be deceived. Straw in color with a hazy appearance, this American-style Wheat beer is armed with a special weapon. Calypso, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops have been combined with lemongrass herb to deliver doses of grapefruit, lemon, pine, grass, and mango. Discreet Wheat Ale is moderately bitter at 42 IBUs, has a dry finish, and is 5.7% alcohol by volume.

Discreet Wheat Ale was created by Speakeasy brewer Brandon Nash and his girlfriend Pilar Odom, winners of Speakeasy’s 2nd Annual Employee Homebrewing Competition. A panel of judges, including Speakeasy Founder Forest Gray and Director of Brewing Kushal Hall, selected the team’s beer for limited release. Nash and Odom combined their individual expertise and knowledge to create Discreet Wheat Ale.

According to Nash, “I designed the recipe to be simple and chose high quality ingredients, letting different flavors speak for themselves. I also wanted to include a unique ingredient. My girlfriend Pilar, who is very knowledgeable about herbs, suggested adding lemongrass to give the brew an extra kick of citrus and grassy flavors.”

Discreet Wheat Ale will be a very limited draft only release. The beer will be served for the first time during the Discreet Wheat Release Party, January 24th, at the Speakeasy Tap Room in conjunction with SF Beer Week. It will then be distributed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The Perfect Crime Series will continue with more special small batch releases during 2016.    

About the Perfect Crime Series
The Perfect Crime Series features ingenious, small batch, and experimental beers that are carefully contrived and executed by Speakeasy brewers. Each release is limited to draft only, and may only appear once, so the perpetrator can’t be brought to justice.