Time to Enjoy Harvest Season: Wet Hopped Big Daddy IPA

Hop harvest season is a special time of year at Speakeasy. It's when we take hops that were picked and delivered to the brewery on the same day, and put them in an IPA. These hops are considered fresh or wet. Hops are normally dried after being removed from the vine so they can be preserved, but they lose some of their luster. Fresh hops are full of delicate vibrant flavors. 

This year we're excited to release Wet Hopped Big Daddy IPA, made with Centennial and Chinook hops from Hops-Meister Farm in Clear Lake, CA. Centennial hops are floral and citrusy, while Chinook hops yield spice, pine, and grapefruit notes.  

Wet Hopped Big Daddy IPA will be served in our Tap Room for the first time on Friday, August 21, and then be released to just a handful of our distribution markets. If you see it on tap, try it before it quickly disappears.