Get Ready for an Ambush: Payback Pumpkin Pie Porter

They’re lurking around every corner. The right moment is almost here. Daylight is fading. Nights are getting colder. Soon they’ll come out of the shadows, rise up through a pile of leaves, and cast a broad crooked smile filled with switchblade teeth. Summer will be ambushed by pumpkins.  

In preparation for autumn, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers has joined forces with our squash overlords. In the past we’ve dabbled with spiced brown ales and filled a firkin with pumpkin, but we’ve never loaded our mash tun with enough squash and spices to bake 82 pumpkin pies, until just a few weeks ago. The delicious result is Payback Pumpkin Pie Porter.

Payback Pumpkin Pie Porter is rich and complex. Brewed with Chilean chocolate malts, rolled oats, and 112lbs of all-natural pumpkin, this robust beer pours a dark chocolate brown. The aroma and flavor yields a sharp bite of citrus and ginger, with notes of espresso, baker’s cocoa, sweet toasted maltiness, allspice, and nutmeg. The beer finishes with a creamy mouth feel and a touch of sweetness at 7.5% alcohol by volume.

According to Kushal Hall, Director of Brewing Operations, “What sets this beer apart is that Payback Porter is at its core. We didn’t just make an amber ale and add cinnamon and pumpkin. We took one of our favorite beers, that already has tremendous flavor, and made a unique version, which was quite a challenge. It’s something people can have a round of with friends. It’s dessert.”

Payback Pumpkin Pie Porter will only be available on draft, and in very limited quantities, this September and October. It will be distributed in California, New York City and Las Vegas. You can also join us for the release party in our Tap Room on Friday, September 11th.