Ingenious, small batch, and experimental beers that are carefully contrived so the perpetrator can’t be brought to justice.  

Oktoberfest Bavarian Lager celebrates the fall season with a classic combination of German malt and hops. Copper in color and brilliantly clear, the beer is a malt lover’s dream. Toasty caramel, biscuit, and a touch of honey sweetness dominate the beer’s flavor and aroma. The beer finished at 5.8% ABV and has 25 IBUs.  

Release: October 2016
Availability: Draft Only

Bronze Anniversary Ale is a quaffable summer beer that’s bronze in color with balanced notes of roast chestnut, biscuit, lightly toasted bread, and orange zest. The beer is 6% alcohol by volume with 24 IBUs. The malt bill includes Two Row, Biscuit, Carafa, English Amber, and Crystal Malt. The beer is low in bitterness, achieved using Magnum hops, with a touch of Cascade to produce a crisp clean citrusy finish.

Release: July 2016
Availability: Draft Only

Crystal clear and straw in color, Juice Joint Kettle Sour smacks you in the face with candied fruit tartness, reminiscent of tropical Jolly Ranchers or Sour Patch Kids. The flavor is equally compelling. Layers of citrus flavors wash over the tongue. Lemon, lime, and orange push to the front, with subtle hints of mango and pineapple. The sour acidity is soft and pleasant. Sip after sip is refreshingly tart, clean, dry, and not sweet. Malt reappears at the end, giving the beer a flaky piecrust finish. Juice Joint Kettle Sour is 6% alcohol by volume and low in bitterness at 32 IBUs.

Release: May 2016
Availability: Draft Only

Made with 100% pilsner malt, Teatotaler underwent a warm lager fermentation, producing a citrus tang. Then one pound per barrel of China Black Tea was added to the fermentor. Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, and Simcoe hops add additional layers of lemon, pineapple, and passion fruit flavors. The resulting blend creates an Arnold Palmer like experience. Enjoy the beer with a slice of lemon or bergamot orange. 4.8% ABV. 

Release: April 2016
Availability: Draft Only

Made for Valentine's Day, Massacre Belgian-style Imperial Stout with Cherries is a powerful balance of dark roasted malt, fruit forward hops, and Montmorency cherries. Layers of dark chocolate, caramel, burnt sugar, and dried fruit flavors make Massacre a wonderfully complex beer. The yeast imparts some additional fruit, a touch of spice, and a slightly tart finish at 7.5% ABV and 42 IBUs.

Release: February 2016
Availability: Draft Only

Discreet Wheat Ale may appear reserved, but don’t be deceived. Straw in color with a hazy appearance, this American-style Wheat beer is armed with a special weapon. Calypso, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops have been combined with lemongrass herb to deliver doses of grapefruit, lemon, pine, grass, and mango, with a slightly tart finish. Discreet Wheat Ale is moderately bitter at 42 IBUs and is 5.7% alcohol by volume.

Release: January 2016
Availability: Draft Only