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Syndicate Series No. 04 is a blend of beers that have been aged for no less than one year in bourbon barrels. Syndicate No. 04 pours dark with heavy tobacco, leather, chocolate, and vanilla notes. As well as dark fruit and hints of coffee. This beer clocks in at over 10% ABV but is smoothed over by the long aging time.

ABV: 10%
Style: Barrel-Aged Vintage Ale
Availability:  Limited 

Blended in January 2018


  • Scarface Imperial Stout (44%)-Imperial Stout Aged 22 Months
  • Fixed Fight Old Ale (22%)- Barrel Aged Old Ale Aged 20 Months
  • Scarface Imperial Stout (11%)- Imperial Stout Aged 23 Months
  • Betrayal (11%)- Imperial Red Ale Aged 50 Months
  • Old Godfather (11%)- Barley Wine Aged 48 Months